Water Damage

Total Water Mitigation with Our Water Damage Restoration Services in Novi, MI

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Moisture Mapping for Emergency Water Damage Mitigation & Repair in Novi, MI

An M.J. White & Son employee will walk through the loss area with you and determine the affected areas by visual inspection and by the use of non-penetrating moisture meters and penetrating moisture meters. You will be requested to sign a Temporary Emergency Repair Agreement to authorize us to perform the necessary emergency dry down work and to bill your insurance company. Note that we do not collect any deductible that you may owe at this time due to the emergency nature of the matter.

Wall Inspection

We’ll Remove the Moisture in Your Home or Business with a Dry Down Plan

Our certified and experienced employees will begin implementing a dry down plan for the affected area, which will be designed to return the affected area to its pre-loss moisture condition effectively. This is accomplished through numerous activities which can include the following: 

  • Extraction
  • Removal of wet pad and carpet
  • Removing toe kicks and molding 
  • Drilling holes in affected walls
  • Opening wet walls or ceilings
  • Removing wet insulation
  • Treating the affected area with a “green” anti-microbial agent 
  • Placement of dehumidifiers and air movers

Note that wet contents that are porous may be removed to our warehouse for further drying or to be inventoried as “total loss.” Sometimes porous items are prone to microbial growth and generally cannot be dried effectively within the affected area.

Damage Wall

After Drying, We Test the Affected Area to Ensure Moisture Levels Have Returned to Normal 

Generally, the equipment will be left on-site for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. When we return, we will moisture test and inspect the affected areas to ensure that the drying process is complete. Please note that we may be required to return during the three to five day period to perform interim moisture readings and adjust the equipment.

Wall damage

We will Prepare a Full Estimate for You and Work with Your Insurance

No estimates are required to perform the emergency dry down. Your insurance policy has a provision that requires that you mitigate damages immediately, and that is what an emergency dry-down achieves. Please note that unlike some companies in our industry, we do not set our prices. Instead, M.J. White & Son, has agreed to use a price list service that your insurance company recognizes as “agreed pricing” in the industry. Our estimator will come to your home and prepare a full estimate, which will detail the entire scope of work, line by line, for any necessary structural repairs. You should hear from the estimator within 24 hours of our initial response.

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