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Commercial and Residential Storm Damage Services in Novi, MI

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When it Comes to Storm and Wind Damage, You Need the Best Crew Around

Living in Michigan has its perks. Year-round, it’s beautiful, and the scenery can be amazing to look at. But with living here comes the unpredictable weather. When big storms come through, it’s not uncommon for trees or branches to fall on nearby houses or commercial buildings. This can be particularly devastating when the storm is set to last a long time because not only is the exterior of your property damaged, but as the storm rages on, water damage can occur inside as the rain falls through what once was the exterior. 

Photo of a tree fallen on the roof house

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Although we don’t live in a place with hurricanes or in tornado alley, we still experience high winds and a tornado every now and again. The damage these powerful wind forces can cause an area to be deeply affected in a matter of minutes. M.J. White & Son is here to provide our clients with 24/7 emergency services. If something does damage your property, we will tarp or board up the exterior as quickly as possible to protect the interior as well as your belongings. If there is water damage, we will also get to work removing the water and put together a dry plan to get your home back to its pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible. For more information on this, visit our water damage page

No matter what disaster you experience, you can count on M.J. White & Son to be there when you need us most. We have over 40 years of experience providing our customers with reliable services. 

When disaster strikes your home or business, call us at (888) 992-4404 for fast, personal service. We also will work with your insurance provider in any way we can to make the process of restoration easier for you.

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