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Mold Removal by Experts at M.J. White & Son

As a result of water damage, mold grows on damp, moist surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and underneath carpet, to name a few spaces. To ensure that the health of your family isn’t compromised, it’s essential to have the mold removed by a professional company with experience in mold remediation. If left untreated, mold can cause health issues for your family and pets alike. The airborne spores are not confined to only the area in which they grow. They can infiltrate your ventilation system and be moved throughout the house. Sinus infections, nose bleeds, skin infections, and asthma are common symptoms of those exposed to mold spores for too long. It is also important that you don’t touch the mold or try to remove it yourself because it can cause the spores to spread even more rapidly. 

Mold Remediation & Removal Services: Novi, MI | MJ White & Son - AdobeStock_233236403

Call on Us for Complete Mold Abatement

M.J. White & Son employs highly trained and certified workers to remediate all forms of mold growth according to the strictest industry standards. As mold is an allergen, the affected areas may need to be contained using air filtration devices using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters.  We also will use any other state of the art industry tools that are required to return the area to a healthy state properly. Of course, our Mitigation Manager will work with you on every step of such a project until your mold contamination is entirely eliminated. If you have experienced water damage recently or have identified what you believe to be mold, be sure to contact our experts. We will test the mold and proceed with the best way to mitigate it. 

The bottom line is that mold is nothing to play around with or ignore. Call us at (888) 992-4404 to speak with one of our mold specialists today.

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