Trauma & Crime Scene Decontamination

Compassionate Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Service around Novi, MI

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We Have Courteous Personnel and Discreet Service Guaranteed

Employees at M.J. White and Son are highly regarded trauma and crime scene decontamination specialists. Our services are recommended by many local municipalities, property management companies, and funeral homes. We are certified in trauma scene cleaning, and have courteous, compassionate personnel that understand the sensitivity of the situation. We are very professional and discreet in the handling of all trauma and crime scene situations as we know this can be a sensitive, personal matter. We respond immediately, provide upfront estimates, and work with insurance companies to relieve the stress and burden experienced by victim’s families.

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We are Trained to Clean Up Biohazard Scenes and Chemical Hazards Carefully

When it comes to an environmental or industrial accident, it is vital to have it properly cleaned. We understand that the longer the scene remains, the more this affects your home or business, so we respond quickly and get to work right away to eliminate any further delay. No matter if you need a dangerous chemical spill cleaned in your industrial warehouse, or a meth lab has exploded and you need immediate assistance, we are the trusted team you can call to handle all of your hazardous situations. We also take great care in disposing of the dangerous material responsibly in ways that it doesn’t affect or contaminate any other areas or the environment. 

From fatal accidents to meth lab explosions, M.J. White & Son has experience doing it all. If you require trauma and crime scene cleanup, or you have dangerous chemicals that need to be taken care of, contact us right away. 

We offer 24/7 emergency services and guarantee a 60-minute response time. Call us at (888) 992-4404 for all of your hazardous situation cleanups.

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