Fire Restoration

After a Disaster, Call M.J. White & Son for Smoke & Fire Restoration Service in Novi, MI

Photo of burning house

Upon Arrival, We First Inspect the Structure of Your Home 

An estimator will be dispatched to your residence to evaluate the amount of damage that has occurred to your property. An assessment of all damaged items will be conducted to determine what is repairable and what will need to be replaced. Areas affected by water, soot, and smoke will also be considered when compiling damages during this phase. Measurements of the damaged areas will be taken so that an estimate of repairs can be assembled. Photos may be taken at this time to document the damage and assist in the estimation process.

Photo of a damage house

We Then Perform a Contents Evaluation to Log What has Been Damaged

A contents specialist will arrive on-site to assess the damage done to the contents of your property. Items will be inventoried and categorized based on their ability to be restored to their pre-loss state. Any items of significant sentimental value to you should be communicated to the contents specialist at this time.

Fire and soot

If Your Home in SE Michigan isn’t Structurally Compromised, it Will Need Professional Deep Cleaning

Some areas of your property may not require repair or replacement. What is salvageable will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Fire and soot removal requires a specialty contractor trained in the use of soot and odor removal, where special cleaning agents and techniques will be used to restore your property. We have professionals on our team who are well versed in cleaning up after fires of all sizes. 

Photo of two men cleaning up on the damage roof

We Will Also Clean as Much of Your Belongings as Possible 

On occasion, the damage to specific contents may be light enough that it is possible to clean some of the items at your property on-site. If this is the case, it will be recommended to you by the Contents Manager or your adjuster. 

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