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M.J. White wants to reward you for your Loyalty, Trust and Confidence. The Reward Program is our way of showing you our Appreciation.

We truly appreciate and value all of our customers which is why we are introducing our new Loyalty Reward Programs for Contractors, Property Management Professionals, Commercial Business Owners, Residential Customers, and Friends & Family.


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We want to Reward you for the Trust and Loyalty you've shown by choosing our Professional Services

Contractors, Commercial Business Owners, Property Management & Maintenance Professionals, for every referral you will receive the following reward:

  • *$200 Visa Gift Card for Referrer
  • *$250 Bonus After the 5th Referral
  • *$500 Reward on Signed Jobs over 10k
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Referrals: The Highest Form of A Professional Compliment

We love to receive referrals, and as part of our Loyalty Reward program you will be Rewarded for your referrals. Any new referrals from residential customers, or your friends & family will be rewarded with the following:

  • *$100 visa gift card for referrer
  • *$100 visa gift card for the referred client upon completion of the job
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Get Rewarded!

To earn a Bonus Reward send us REPEAT Referral customers. 
$250 after the 5th Referral and
*Up to $1,000 Reward on larger Referral jobs.

Earning A Reward is Easy!
To get started, fill out the form below. 
We will handle the rest! 
Once the referral has signed and committed to using our services you will receive your reward once our work is completed.

*Some restrictions apply. For Details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

*Excludes Insurance Agents & Claims Representatives

Referral Form

* Indicates required questions
Name of Client Being Referred *
Brief Description of Job
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Industry *
Address - Referring Party
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If you chose "Other" above please let us know what service you are looking for.

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