Recommendations on COVID-19

The entire world is facing challenges that we have never experienced in our lifetime.  With the rapid spread of Covid-19, every person on the planet must take action to slow the spread of this virus. It seems as though the rules and regulations are changing daily.  What we do know are these easy steps to follow to help reduce our chances of contracting and spreading the virus.


Wet your hands and apply soap, be sure to scrub EVERYWHERE, including under your fingernails. Scrub your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and dry with a clean towel.  I have researched the top soaps to use, based on my research I am using a brand called Puracy (which is currently the #1 rated).

Keep Social Distancing:

Stay at least 6 ft away from others who may be infected… just stay 6 ft away from everyone at this point! Avoid gatherings of 50 or more people. This has also recently changed to suggest staying away from crowds of 10 or more.

Avoid touching your face:

Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as the virus can live on hard surfaces. Covid-19 can easily be picked up and spread by touching your face after coming in contact with it.

Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze:

Keep a tissue on hand or if you do not have one, sneeze or cough into your arm. Be sure to throw that tissue away immediately.


We all know this is not an easy task, especially when our jobs require us to report to a physical location.  If you are at all able to make arrangements to work from home…do it! Do not risk spreading the infection to those who may have a harder time fighting it off.


This is where we can help you!!! M.J. White & Son is equipped to handle the cleaning and disinfecting of your home, work, office, or any area potentially contaminated by the virus.  Call us for a quote!  We would love to help you out.

Everyone just stay safe.  Do your part to help manage the curve and keep everyone safe from contracting this nasty virus.

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