M.J. White & Son Installs Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System

M.J. White & Son Installs Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System

M.J. White and Son has taken its contents cleaning to the next level.  With the continued advancements in restoration, M.J. White recently purchased, installed and was certified on the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System. 

FIRELINE is a Complete Turnkey System designed to eliminate the inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with standard contents cleaning methods. By integrating New Contents Management and Organizational Strategies with the latest Technological Advancements we are now able to achieve unprecedented processing of contents.

Simply stated, companies that utilize FIRELINE SYSTEMS are better equipped to deal with the complexities of contents restoration. Fireline Members are also able to provide a variety of in-house restoration services not offered by most companies. © Copyright 2009 Fireline Systems Inc.

Fireline ultrasonic cleaning is a series of baths used to clean general hard contents.  The baths are used to pre-rinse, clean and rinse items soiled during a fire/smoke loss.  The equipment is set up in an assembly line format using color coded resizable trays for inventory and dipping of the items.  Each bath takes approximately 1 to 10 minutes depending on the level of contamination of each item.  After the contents go through the baths of Fireline© cleaning solutions and the drying chamber, the repacking commences.                

The use of this latest technology gives us the advantage in productivity and efficiency while drastically decreasing human error and more importantly cost.  Our contents team is now able to clean approximately 80-100 boxes per day including delicate hard contents such as ceramics and porcelain statues.  We take special care of antiques and heirlooms that once used to consume hours of hand-cleaning. 

This new cleaning method is also more environmentally friendly.  We are cutting out the cost of towels used to dry contents as well as the amount of water, chem. sponges and energy previously used in running various washers and dryers.  All packaging material is recycled during the process as well.

Overall, the Fireline System cuts down cost and improves loss ratios.  We are now able to greatly reduce the number of total loss items.  Many can now be cleaned instead of being disposed of.  The turn around time is much faster as well, thus creating a happier customer and a happier agent.

We are pleased to provide tours of this equipment or our facility by appointment.  Contact your marketing representative for more information and please remember M.J. White & Son for your next fire loss or contents job. 


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