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High-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - fbHigh-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - twHigh-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - in

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Grandville MI 's Leading Choice For Water Damage Repair Services

M.J. White & Son Are The Water Damage Repair Experts in Grandville MI!

High-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - mjwhite_7

With over 30 years of residential and commercial disaster restoration experience, M.J. White & Son has become a leading expert in the restoration industry throughout Lower Michigan. The company was started in 1979 by Mike White Sr. and his wife Cindy. Mike worked hard to deliver a quality service, and create a company built on professionalism, honesty and integrity. In doing so, he developed a well respected reputation with numerous insurance companies, fire departments and municipalities. Today, this highly regarded family owned business has expanded to cover most of the Southern half of the lower peninsula. The business is still managed today by the White family, who remain highly active in the day to day business at M.J. White & Son.

Water Damage Repair & Mold Remediation in Grandville MI

First, we'll start with moisture mapping your home. An M.J. White & Son, Inc., employee will walk through the loss area with you and determine the affected areas by visual inspection, and/or by the use of non-penetrating moisture meters and penetrating moisture meters.

You will be requested to sign a Temporary Emergency Repair Agreement to authorize us to perform the necessary emergency dry down work and to bill your insurance company. Note that we do not collect any deductible that you may owe at this time due to the emergency nature of the matter.

High-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - mjwhite_29

No estimates are required to perform the emergency dry down. Your insurance policy has a provision which requires that you mitigate damages immediately, and that is what an emergency dry down achieves. Please note that unlike some companies in our industry, we do not set our prices. Instead, M.J. White & Son, Inc. has agreed to use a price list service that your insurance company recognizes as "agreed pricing" in the industry. Our estimator will come to your home and prepare a full estimate which will detail the entire scope of work, line by line for any necessary structural repairs. You should hear from the estimator within 24 hours of our initial response.

High-Quality Water Damage Repair Services In Grandville MI - M.J. White & Son, Inc. - mjwhite_6

Occasionally, mold growth may occur. M.J. White & Son, Inc. employs highly trained and certified workers to remediate all forms of mold growth according to the strictest industry standards. As mold is an allergen, the affected areas may need to be contained using 6mil plastic, air filtration devices using HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters may be used, as well as any other state of the art industry tools that are required to properly return the area to a healthy state. Of course, our Mitigation Manager will work with you on every step of such a project.

"In my profession as Facilities and Construction Manager for the Lincoln Park School District, I found that Mr. Anderson was the most professional, honest and forthright of all of the project managers that I have worked with to date. Due to the needs and request of the District, Mr. Anderson was given a small window of opportunity to complete the restoration project before the next school year began. To quote a project manager from Barton Malow (a construction firm that completed a past bond issued for the District.) "Your project manager will not be able to come close to finishing this project on time." Mr. Anderson not only finished the project, students and staff occupied the building on the first scheduled school day of school."
Leo Consiglio, C.F.D.
Lincoln Park School District

For all your Water Damage Repair Needs in Grandville MI, there's M.J. White & Son. We have the experience and crew to handle any water damage or mold problem that comes your way. a href="">Contact us ASAP to see why we're the #1 restoration company throughout Michigan and Ohio.