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Pack-Out:  A team of contents specialists will pack up the salvageable items, photographically documenting each item and adding a bar-coded box label on site, while creating an itemized list of inventoried items.  Your contents will then be transferred to the warehouse and scanned in.  A computer generated list of all items will be created using Pack Out Inventory (POI) Software.

Clothing:  It may be necessary to have salvageable clothing items dry cleaned in order to perform proper smoke deodorization.  The Dry Cleaner will remove your inventoried clothing items to be treated at their facilities will be performed on all salvageable furniture, electronics, fine arts and photographs.

Documents and Papers:  Wet documents and papers may be able to be dried out and restored to their original state if they are treated quickly enough.

Restoration:  Cleaning and restoration measures will be performed on all salvageable furniture, electronics, fine arts and photographs.

Smoke Deodorization & Soot Removal:  Ozone processing will be performed to lift the smoke and soot from your items after they are thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Storage:  After your items are removed from the original pack out boxes and cleaned or restored, they will be placed into new clean labeled boxes and stored in clean crates.  Furniture will be tagged and wrapped if necessary.  All items are bar-code inventoried, so that if at any time you should need to locate a certain item, it can be easily found.

Pack Back:  The contents team will deliver all packed items that were restored when all repairs are complete and clearance has been given for you to reoccupy your property.